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About Us

A registered law firm
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“Dedicated to Quality Service”

Calibre Advocates is a registered law firm working as Collateral Agents, but also providing services in Finance and Banking, Conveyancing, Arbitration, Corporate and Commercial, Insurance, Procurement, Litigation, Corporate Secretarial, Contracts, Intellectual Property, Mediation, Policy Development, Legal Audits, Legal and Legislative Drafting.

Calibre Advocates Partners and Associates bear diverse knowledge, experience, professional qualifications in areas of Corporate and Commercial, Insurance, Employment and Labour, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Civil and Commercial Litigation, Intellectual Property and Corporate Secretarial.

Our focus is on expectations of our clients. We strive to provide quality services to our clients in the areas mentioned above by skilfully engaging them to ensure desired and intended objectives and solutions effectively. We therefore recruit objectively to meet our client’s expectations.

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Professionalism, Effectiveness, Integrity, Team Work, Accountability, and Allegiance to Professional Ethics.


To be a dedicated and performing law firm.


To provide professional legal services beyond expectations