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We are working as Collateral Agents, but also providing services in Finance and Banking, Conveyancing, Arbitration, Corporate and Commercial, Insurance, Procurement, Litigation, Corporate Secretarial, Contracts, Intellectual Property, Mediation, Policy Development, Legal Audits, Legal and Legislative Drafting.

Environmental advisory

We help bring cases to court to enforce environmental regulations and to alter public and private
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Tax Advisory Services

We guide our clients through various taxation laws and assist them in case of disputes. We also
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Legal and Legislative Drafting

We receive instructions; and write, shape, configure and design the statute or law, render it
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Legal Audits

We help management teams of companies or institutions to discuss strategic plans and objectives
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Policy Development

We apply the legal analysis skills learned and acquired over time to advocate for political causes
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Mediation and Conciliation

We are advocates and advisors to our clients in lawsuits to reach a compromise before going to
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Intellectual Property

We advise our clients on establishing and protecting intellectual capital (such as inventions
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We deal with the legal issues associated with the creation, negotiation and enforcement of
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Corporate Secretarial

We ensure company’s transactions comply with corporate laws and regulations. We prepare documents
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We represent plaintiffs and defendants in civil lawsuits. We manage all phases of the litigation
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We advise and work with authorities, utilities and bidders for public procurement contracts to
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We review claims being made on behalf of, or against, our clients and advise them on the likely
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Corporate and Commercial

We help corporate, industrial and commercial clients to manage their internal processes, by
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We help our clients settle disputes out of court. We are registered with Kigali International
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We manage the transfer of documents to ensure the property is rightfully and legally transferred to
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Finance and Banking

We arrange loans to buy other companies, or to finance new business ventures. We give legal advice
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Collateral Agents

We enforce rights against the collateral in the event of the borrower’s default under the loan or
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