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Daniel is a seasoned legal consultant in hospitality, tourism, agribusiness, technology, Energy and Natural Resources sectors. Start-up, market entry, and regulatory compliance falls under his specialty.
Daniel’s legal training and practice has given him unique insights and exposure, especially in regards to comprehensively handling issues that are encountered by international businesses making an entry into Rwanda. He also has extensive experience with respect to Companies governance.
Daniel’s focus includes managing charitable and non-governmental organizations (NGOS), including major foreign registered NGO’S organizations, private clubs and churches. As such, he has extensive experience in dealing with the unique legal issues faced by not-for-profit and charitable organizations. Daniel regularly provides strategic advice to help clients stay in compliance with the complex regulatory regimes that apply to charitable and not-for-profit organizations in Rwanda.
Much of his recent work has been to assist clients with the transition to compliance and governance under the Non-Governmental Organizations, Law. N°04/2012 of 17/02/2012 governing the organization and the functioning of national non-governmental organizations and law Nº05/2012 of 17/02/2012 governing the Organization and functioning of International Non-Governmental Organizations respectively, which are the principal laws regulating charities in Rwanda.

About Education

  • Daniel holds a law degree, LLB. (Hons) From the National University of Rwanda, a Master’s Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy and a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, with Certificates in International Strategic Analysis, Peace Process and Mediation Support, local and regional Crisis prevention, Management and Information Technology among others.

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